Mission Statement:

To responsibly manage our land holdings, retail properties and real estate developments in a manner that brings value to our customers, community, employees, and shareholders while maximizing quality, long-term growth, and investment value.

Statement of Core Values:

The company has identified the following core values:

    1. To provide excellent service to our customers
    2. To be a responsible employer
    3. To act with integrity at all times
    4. To be a good steward to the land
    5. To be a strong corporate citizen
    6. To maximize profits and shareholder value
    7. To provide for future family generations

Vision Statement:

Building on our mission, the vision of Edgewood Companies is to take a more active and visible leadership role in positively shaping the communities in which we invest. We will become more proactive in directing and managing our businesses. We will be more diversified in our investments and will manage our risks effectively. We will operate with integrity on high quality projects and will partner with reputable entities. And we will do all this while building and sustaining our core values.

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